Explore a Bird’s Eye View with Helicopter Tours of NYC

The beauty of NYC is well known for its skyscrapers, gridded street system, the tourist heaven that is Time Square, parks, dockside events and dining, culture that justifies the city as a “melting pot,” and rooftop gardens that offer natural respite from the concrete jungle. You can see it all with a view like you’ve never imagined when you explore the different kinds of helicopter tours of NYC.

Many Ways to See the City from the Sky
Helicopter tours of NYC are an excellent way to see the city from the sky, with tours that don’t require you to sit in traffic or spend all day walking. When your feet are tired and you’re looking for another view, take to the sky!

  • Chartered helicopter rides give you the opportunity to travel in luxury anywhere you want in the city. Take the ultra-scenic route and arrive in style wherever you want to go. Think of the look on your friends’ and colleagues’ faces when you land on a helipad instead of stepping off the curb from a cab. Corporate charters are also available so that you can impress every colleague with the ride of a lifetime.
  • Choose the unique way to transfer from the airport to the city and see Big Apple in a whole new way. Bypass traffic and cut your travel time in half with helicopter airport transfers. Enjoy the city from above and add convenience to your next vacation or return home.
  • Whether you want to look the Statue of Liberty in the eye, get a real time map of Central Park from the sky, or see the whole city in its entire splendor, there is a tour for you. Every budget can be met and every schedule can be accommodated. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just a Tuesday afternoon can be made more special with a spectacular view of the city.

Say the sky’s the limit and mean it when you decide to choose one the fantastic options that helicopter tours of NYC offer! There’s no better way to travel and see the city than from above.

Be Unique
The city is filled with people poking their heads out of the skylights of limos and stepping off the curb to expertly hail a cab, and it always looks like a lot of fun. There is so much to see, and you might feel like it’s impossible to see it all, but when you fly over the city in a helicopter, you can! New York Helicopter has experienced pilots and excellent safety records, so you can rest assured that your tour will be everything that you hope it will be. Take the real scenic route and see the city from a bird’s eye view!

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