Best National Parks to Learn About on Flights to Malaysia

With eight hours to while away on flights to Malaysia, we should have some ideas of how to keep ourselves occupied on the journey. If we do not plan some things to do, we could end up bored very quickly indeed.

There are lots of things to do on long flights, but reading about your destination is by far the best. Malaysia has many natural treats in store, too, not least of which is its collection of national parks. We highlight three of the best below.

Bako National Park

Famous for its proboscis monkeys, Bako National Park was established in 1957. It is in Sarawak and gives us the chance to discover three kinds of forest and some coastline too. We can join a guided tour or follow a colour-coded trail to find our way around.

Gunung Mulu National Park

A highlight that we should look forward to on our flights to Malaysia. This national park includes the Mulu Caves, a Head-hunter’s Trail to follow, and the stunning pinnacles – natural limestone formations soaring 45 metres into the air.

Taman Negara

Some flights to Malaysia may offer glimpses over this park, but we can only experience it at its fullest once on the ground. The rainforest treats us to a lush setting filled with plants and wildlife. It is also home to a walkway that takes you through the trees – the longest one in the world. Mountain hiking, fishing, and wildlife spotting can all be enjoyed here.

Malaysia offers many experiences for us to enjoy. If we plan our visit to the fullest, we can explore one national park in depth or go to several and spend a few days at each. Either way, we will get the chance to appreciate why these parks are among the best natural settings we could visit in the country today.

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