Experience the Wonder of Whale Watching Boats in California

California is rightly known as the place where organized whale watching first got started for the country and the Santa Barbara Channel along with the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary provides some of the best waters and the highest concentration of whales and marine life anywhere. This area is home to in excess of 30 species of animals that include whales, seals, sealions, dolphins, porpoises, and other marine life – it is also a popular migration spot for the regal blue whale, the hyper humpback whale, the ancient gray whale, the fierce orca, and many other amazing creatures. They can all be seen from the best whale watching boats California has to offer.

The Most Popular Whale Watching Spot
The Santa Barbara Channel is perfect for whale watching and for seeing an abundance of marine life because it is situated in the middle of two oceanic zones.  Cold water from the California current bring with it northern factors and animals and it meets up with the warm Davidson Countercurrent which brings a tropical element to the area. This combined with a unique sea floor, diverse currents, and good wind currents, make this area around California a hot spot for many marine animal migration paths.

Take Nothing and Leave Nothing
The best whale watching tours are ones which take great care to ensure the animals are not disturbed, injured, or impacted in any way during the excursions. Many animals though willingly come close to the boats to give visitors an up close view. Dolphins are known to play in the bow waves and currents created by the boat. Humpbacks often seem to show off impressive moves for the boats when they are in the area. And playful seals and sealions and majestic killer whales can also be seen all throughout the area. On whale watching boats in California the rule is to take nothing other than photos and to leave nothing behind. That is the best way to enjoy the wonderful wildlife of the sea.

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