5 Things for a Terrific Trip to Salalah

Once monsoon season starts in Salalah this year, you’ll be in for quite a treat. Here are some of the best things you should if you have already booked a ticket and hotel for your stay:

Visit the waterfalls

There are great waterfalls at Ayn Khor as well as Wadi Ayn and even in Ayn Tubrook. Bring along your swimsuit and camera and you’ll be set. Don’t forget to bring along water for when you get thirsty.

Ride a boat

Ride or paddle or even go kayaking. Wadi Darbat offers you and your family or friends a chance to go on a fun boat adventure. With lush greenery around, colorful boats and wonderfully cool weather, these should make for a fun and picturesque trip.

Watch the sunset

Your vacation won’t be complete without heading over to the cliff at Taqa and catching a glimpse of the sunset. It’s a glorious sight, giving the white sandy shore a golden cast. You certainly won’t run out of Instagram-worthy shots this way.

Enjoy the cuisine

With plenty of restaurants in Salalah offering delicious fare to eat, you can easily find one that’s to your taste and liking. You could also enjoy a fine dining experience at the hotel. The ambiance alone is stunning. With great views and scrumptious dishes, it’s the perfect spot for a romantic date or two.

Walk along the beach

Sometimes, there’s something relaxing about strolling along the beach, taking a deep breath and just watching the waves. If you need to get away from the stress and work, this is a fitting spot to consider, says Beautiful Salalah. Take a walk along the shore and you’ll feel all your tension and stress go away.

With restaurants in Salalah, great hotels, boat rides and waterfall visits, and many more, there’s no end to the fun you can have in Oman.

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