Helicopter Services – Available for More than Just Fun

When you think of what a helicopter, what comes to mind? What are they useful for? Many people will automatically think of the use of helicopters in the military. Others will think of the helicopter tour they have been thinking about taking on their next vacation. In fact, if you look online, you will find that there are more and more helicopter tours available than ever before. But helicopter services are used for so much more.

Emergencies – Natural disasters are common place. There are earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes just to name a few. In an event of one of these disasters, it isn’t uncommon for roads to be blocked, washed away, or destroyed. Helicopters are a great way to assist in the transport of people out of dangerous areas as well as shuttle in food, clothing, medicine, and other supplies needed by relief and aid workers. In addition to this, helicopters can be used to transfer someone who has been in a serious accident from a rural hospital to a city hospital where more resources are available to the patient. Fires are another emergency situation in which helicopters are vital. Helicopters transport firefighters and also carry water and other fire fighting materials which are then dumped onto the raging fire. If not for helicopters more fires would rage out of control than already do.

Corporations and Executives – Many corporations and their executives have extremely busy schedules. They know that time is money and that their time is not well spent sitting in a car that’s stuck in traffic. Companies are using helicopters to shuttle their employees and executives to important meetings in order to save time and expense. Helicopters are even being used to show clients what a stylish company they’re going to be giving their business to.

Movie Sets and News – Helicopters are used in multiple ways on movie sets. For one thing, it’s a great way to transport cast and crew to specific locations. For another, helicopters are used in the actual production of the film. Have you ever considered how film makers get those amazing shots of mountains, valleys, raging rivers, the top of skyscrapers, and the skyline of a faraway city? It’s the humble helicopter. The views from a helicopter are some of the best in the world and film makers are using that to their advantage to make breathtaking films. News crews also use helicopters for their traffic and weather reports. And remember the infamous OJ Simpson car chase? It was seen by millions, all because of a helicopter.

Helicopters are one of the most versatile areal machines available today. How have you benefited from them?

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