Treat Yourself With An Italy Art And History Tour

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Travels & Tours

There are very few places in the world that are as steeped in history and artistic beauty as Italy. Treating yourself and your family to an Italy art and history tour is a one of a kind holiday that will always be one of your fondest vacation memories.

While some people may consider an Italy art and history tour strictly to see the amazing historical works of art, there are many tours that provide a range of different features and include both sightseeing of the area as well as shopping as part of the tour. There is at least one of the top exclusive Italian tour companies that provides a shopping tour throughout Rome, Florence and Milan complete with your own personal shopper and visits to amazing spas and restaurants and accommodations that are truly breathtaking.

Choose Your Options

For those traveling for the first time to the country it is highly recommended to choose a location and a tour based on your interests. Italy art and history tour options can include resort areas such as Sardinia and The Amalfi Coast or visiting Florence and Tuscany for the historical sites.

With top tours you will have a private guide that will provide you with not only local information but also access to the most beautiful collections of art at each location. The historical information will also be provided in a very personal way and you will have the opportunity to hear and see history come alive through the information provided by your experienced guide.

Going Beyond with an Italy Art and History Tour

For those that have already been on one or more of the options available for an Italy art and history tour you also have the option to customize your tour. This allows you to work directly with the tour company to create just the vacation that you want. You can choose the locations, the amount of time you will spend in the various cities and regions of the country and even the hotels for your accommodation.

If you are going to plan your own Italy art and history tour it is essential to work with a company that has experience in creating the perfect holiday. Italy Luxury Tours is a company that immediately comes to mind as a perfect choice for both pre-set and fully customized tours.

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