Maximize Your Hotel Stay in Nairobi

When traveling to Nairobi for business, it is important know something about the city prior to their arrival. The current capital of Kenya is the country’s largest city. Despite being one of the relatively newer cities in Africa, it has seen more growth than many others, becoming the 2nd largest city in population. Those who come to the city have their choice of many accommodations, including many business hotels in Nairobi.

Travelers also should be aware of how to make the most of their stay in their hotel accommodations. The biggest concern of any traveler is the location of the hotel. Will it be conducive to traveling outside of the hotel if required? Nairobi’s centralized location in the country and its populace make it an energetic hub of traveling activity, with two major airports, trains, taxis, buses and the matatu, which are private minibuses.

One of the ways to maximize a stay at any hotel is to use their website and find out the available amenities. When traveling for business, there are certain needs that are unique to business travelers that may not be needed when traveling at leisure. For instance, many business travelers need access to the internet. Many business hotels in Nairobi now offer complimentary Wi-Fi and offer mailing, printing or faxing and scanning services.

The website is also where travelers can look at the accommodations themselves. Whenever you are out of town for business, it is important to make sure that you are at your most rested. Most websites offer photos of the hotel, the lobby and peaks at guest rooms. Guests can find out the total number of rooms to get a sense of the overall size and scope of the hotel itself. Potential guests can also find out if the room has as safe for keeping important items like jewelry and passports, as well as whether the room offers any complimentary beverages or other services.

Finally, upon arrival the business traveler can make use of a hotel’s concierge. Even if there is not a formal concierge desk, the front desk staff are usually well informed of the basic local needs, such as currency exchange rates, nearby modes of transportation and any alerts that visitors should be aware of.

Travelers who seek business hotels in Nairobi can find a plethora of options. Wherever they choose to stay, they should make sure that all their specific needs be met as they plan their stay.

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