Things to Do in Cabo: Friendly Towns and Romantic Sights

One of the best places you could pick for a vacation in Mexico is Los Cabos! Full of mountains to explore and hot, sandy beaches to relax on, it’s full of opportunities to take breathtaking photographs and to make new, exciting memories. Picking the right things to do in Cabo can be overwhelming, though! As one of the top 10 vacation destinations in Mexico, there are an endless number of things you can do. This list is here to help, full of the best-rated activities, trips, and sights.

Hot Sand and Cool Waves

One of the number one things that come to mind when people think about Mexico is the ocean. Most memories are formed by it – the foam and waves wrapping tourists in smiles, the sun kissing beach-goers with its rays. One of the key things to do in Cabo, then, is to really appreciate those waves! Instead of spending your entire vacation building sand castles and catching rays, get to know the ocean’s life. Learn what makes it so beautiful, so vibrant, and so enchanting every day. Grab some flippers and snorkel along the beach, watching thousands of species of fish swim your way. Hop on a boat and catch Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Tuna, and more with an experienced fisherman. Go whale-watching or scuba diving, capturing intriguing photos of almost two dozen whale species. Experiencing the magic of Cabo’s water is something you, your love, and your family can all experience in your own ways – making memories and bonds that will always stay.

Wild Animals and Delicate Plants

Most people forget that there’s more to Cabo than just the beach. However, it’s filled with exciting deserts, high mountains, and most importantly, lions! They’re a rare sight. If you’re looking for exciting things to do in Cabo, you should see the beautiful white lions! A simple ATV ride to a park will lead you to them. Then you can explore waterfalls and stop to take photographs of plants, including 20 different kinds of cacti. Whisk through orchards and discover doves, iguanas, and hares. Finally, appreciate the history that built Cabo into the fantastic destination it is now. Explore 200-year-old churches and towns and stroll by the shops. Feel the stone of the historic buildings under the palm of your hands. Breathe in the air that people breathed in centuries ago. The beautiful place and clear air will rejuvenate you. The residents of Los Cabos are known for their long lives; on average, they live to ninety. With the calm, cool ocean spray and hot, exciting desert, it’s no secret why they picked Los Cabos as their place to stay, or why they’ve loved it for so many years.

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