Rocky Mountain National Park Vacation: Adventure Awaits

During summer, the population of Colorado increases with the arrival of tourists ready to visit one of the state’s 4 National Parks. While Mesa Verde attracts visitors with its ancient Ancestral Puebloan dwellings, and Great Sand Dunes National Park draws the visitors to its incredibly high sand dunes, neither of them have the particular attractions that make a Rocky Mountain National Park vacation something extra special. Over the past two years, the amount of visitors who roll through this park has been on the rise. Some come to picnic and admire the natural beauty, while others come to seek out an unforgettable wilderness adventure.

Adventure Awaits

As the “Crown Jewel” of Colorado’s National Park system, Rocky Mountain National Park is where visitors are exposed to the wild beauty and raw power of nature. If you want to experience what nature can surprise you with first hand, it is suggested to make your plans in advance to include the two major components of what make a Rocky Mountain National Park vacation so much fun: camping and hiking.

Trails in the park are extensive, stretching high into the mountains. They include clear alpine lakes, roaring waterfalls and rugged mountain peaks.  If you want to increase the adventure quotient even more, you can head off trail and go cross-country. To identify places where you can hike and set up camp off-trail, the park has plenty of information online for you. This information includes what you would need for backpacking, what to bring and carry with you, all the supplies to have on you, and the path of your adventure while wandering through the wilds of the thickly forested and mountainous areas of the park.

Your Rocky Mountain National Park Vacation Adventure

If adventure appeals to you, be sure to make adequate preparations in advance. It is necessary to dress appropriately and be prepared in every way, including always having a map, carrying the necessary supplies, and planning the trip in tune with the weather. So if you are ready for a cross-country, backpacking, off-trail, outback camping experience, you are well on the way to turning your Rocky Mountain National Park vacation into a memorable adventure!

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