Mount Kilimanjaro: 8 Interesting Facts for Climbers

Do you have plans to do a Mount Kilimanjaro climb? If so, here are some interesting facts for you:

1. Predetermined routes for a Mount Kilimanjaro climb with a tour operator are essential. There are many routes available and they can range from 4 to 10 nights on average.  Some suggest ways of doing a Mount Kilimanjaro climb without a guide but this is not recommended.
2. Popular routes include the Rongai routes, which range in length and success rates, the Shira Routes, and a few Lemosho routes. Lesser traveled routes exist, too, such as Machame.
3. Technical routes also exist with varied nuances of difficulty. It’s important to talk to your tour operator about a realistic tour based on your fitness level and any concerns medically.
4. Many people combine a Mount Kilimanjaro climb with a Tanzania safari, which is an option.
5. Altitude sickness may happen about half way up, or so. This varies and it can be very dangerous. But altitude sickness does not have to be a given. There are treks that are inherently easier for climbers due to easier acclimatization. There is also acclimatization medication that can be taken to avoid altitude sickness.
6. The first recorded climb was in 1889 by a group including a German    geologist. This may or may not have been the first climb, though. Local Tanzanians may also have been doing Mount Kilimanjaro climbs without there being recorded records.
7. Mount Kilimanjaro’s height is estimated at 5,985 metres.  Mount Everest is estimated at 8,848 metres.
8. Deaths estimated to have occurred during Mount Kilimanjaro climbs are estimated at about 4-7 deaths per year. About 35,000 people attempt a Mt. Kilimanjaro climb every year with varying degrees of success. Some routes have a 95% success rate. Some routes have much lower success rates, not all ending in death. Some simply turn around and opt not to complete their climb.

Extensive Information on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbs Available

Beyond being interested in facts about Mount Kilimanjaro, climbing enthusiasts often want to hear about others’ experiences, about tour packages, and see photography related to other Mount Kilimanjaro climb expeditions.  There’s a multitude of resources to sate your curiosity and fuel your thirst for adventure.

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